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Winter 2007: MCAA Magazine
Courier Connection was founded on May 15, 1999, the day John Lauth's
Non-Compete Agreement was over.

In 2005 Courier Connection was the 32nd fastest growing privately held company, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. They specialize in One-Hour, One-and-a-Half-Hour, and Two-Hour delivery and have a very wide customer base, which includes medical, legal, industrial, food, parts, and general business. The business is a live, 24-hour operation utilizing Nextel cellular radio system with GPS capability allowing the company to pinpoint all of their drivers in real time. Courier Connection leases navigation systems to their drivers, which has decreased late jobs due to driver disorientation.

Courier Connection's founder John Lauth graduated from the University of Georgia with a psychology degree in 1988, having no idea what he was going to do. Having a boss was never an option for him and he later learned that having a partner was not much different than having a boss. His choices were to either become an airline pilot or to start some kind of business. He decided to begin a business and learn to fly too, just in case the business did not work out. He got into business with a pair of closing attorneys in Atlanta. By 1997, when his partners wanted to sell the business, he was bought out and agreed to a paid Non-Compete Agreement.
Messenger Courier World: How did you get into the courier business?
John Lauth: I started out as a driver for a large practice of closing attorneys during college. I later went into business (A Courier Inc.) with the same attorneys. At the time, they were not very serious about this part of their business. It merely helped them to reduce their liability and cost for the law practice. I convinced them to join the MCAA in 1993 where I met Ed Katz and his son Michael who graciously showed me their business in New York. That is when I realized that this could be a large, profitable operation, not just a blue collar, Mom-and-Pop business with very little profitability.

By 1997 we had 150 drivers in Atlanta and had offices in Charlotte, NC, Nashville, TN, and Stamford, CT. It was an uphill battle to get these attorneys to take the courier business seriously and the company was very under-funded for the first few years.
Messenger Courier World: What have been the biggest challenges to your company's success?
John Lauth: The biggest challenges that we have faced have been getting good people, winning profitable contracts, and executing the high levels of service. I have also faced a challenge with collections!
Messenger Courier World: What are you most proud of about your company?
John Lauth: I am proud of the opportunities that this business provides. In addition, I am proud of our people and the results that they produce day and night, especially when it is a critical medical emergency.
Messenger Courier World: What niche in the transportation business does your company specialize in, and what is it that you believe that you do better than the others? Why?
John Lauth: We specialize in on time, One-Hour emergency delivery. We can achieve this more efficiently than our competition through use of technology and well-trained, committed personnel.
Messenger Courier World: What are the most important things you do that makes your firm successful?
John Lauth: We have outstanding levels of service. We build strong relationships with our customers through communication. We have also realized that our employees and contractors are our customers as well. I make sure that the company has an extreme attention to detail along with an extreme attention to cost and profitability. Not to mention the importance of staying out of debt!
Messenger Courier World: How important has mentoring with others in the industry been to your business?
John Lauth: It has been extremely important. In November 1997, at the beginning of my Non-Compete Agreement, Mike Gualtieri of Pro-Courier Connecticut showed me how he structured his business for high profitability. Rob Johnstone and Gerry Frey of Priority Dispatch were instrumental in helping me learn to better manage our sales people and for general encouragement. We have all shared marketing ideas and customer leads for years.
Messenger Courier World: What is your biggest challenge over the next 5 years and what will you do about it?
John Lauth: The biggest challenge will probably be handling the transition from being a small operation to being a large one with multiple departments, without losing significant profitability. We have to be very careful that we put the right people in the jobs that they are best suited for. We will strive to measure performance well and make sure that we have high levels of accountability.
Messenger Courier World: What is the principle technology challenge on the horizon?
John Lauth: Technology is making our industry easier and much more profitable. The challenge will be to embrace it..
Messenger Courier World: How do you retain and motivate your staff? Are you planning to do anything new that would make your company a better place to work?
John Lauth: We treat our staff like family. We have dinner for our inside people quarterly and lunches on a regular basis. We have also done contractor appreciation parties at a local Dave and Buster's. We give lots of positive feedback to our people. We have our offices in a very nice part of town in a quality space. In general, I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated. It is that simple.
Messenger Courier World: How do you spend your marketing budget and what has been the most effective?
John Lauth: We got rid of the Yellow Page ads and added $25,000 back on the bottom line. They were ineffective. We now utilize the web, with a website that is well optimized. It has also been very effective having salespeople who are hungry predators. That is by far the most effective dollar spent. It takes 6 months to a year to see returns on hiring good people. It takes a lot of training and management, but once they start to live up to their potential it is a goldmine. We join industry specific networking groups. We spend a fair amount on "toys" of the trade (sales tools) such as footballs, t-shirts, radios, pens, pads, and candy. We also make sure that our marketing material is very good.
Messenger Courier World: What do you like most about your job?
John Lauth: Having the uncommon freedom of not being controlled by someone else.
Messenger Courier World: What is the toughest part of your job?
John Lauth: The responsibility that goes with having 60 or more people that rely on your good or bad decisions for their livelihoods.
Messenger Courier World: With such a demanding job, what do you do to relax, what are your hobbies?
John Lauth: I run 4-5 miles a day. On the weekends I go flying, usually down to Hilton Head Island. In the summer I love to ride Wave Runners on the lake.
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I would like to Thank Your company for doing a great job on January 7, 2010 under harsh conditions due to the bad weather. We have our own plane, but due to the weather the pilot did not feel safe flying under..."
  John Andrews
I just wanted to say how helpful the staff at Courier Connection has always been regarding my courier needs, and how affordable your services are. Great staff, great services - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK"
  Michelle Morrison
Thank you to the staff of Courier Connection. Your representatives were very helpful in explaining the different options for my delivery needs. It's nice to see a company that still understands the need for customer service..."
  Matt Krussell
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